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E.C Griffith Real Estate Services understands the determining factors associated with retail space in Charlotte: location, property, and space. For the location of retail space, it’s important to consider the traffic in the area. A retail space that has very little passing traffic will not be easily spotted by potential customers. Additionally, depending on the products sold within your space, you may want to reflect on the stores located around it. This can help define the retail needs of the area.

It is vital to investigate the property in which your retail space will be located. A standalone building, for instance, may not benefit your store as much as a neighborhood center. This final decision can be determined based upon the size of your products, if you necessitate warehouse space, the overall vision of your store, and accessibility, as well as the desired visibility of your store.

Lastly, you must decide upon the kind of space best suited for your store. This can vary based upon zone, the amount of storage needed to house your products and supplies, and your visions for the final layout of the store.

To help determine the most advantageous and accessible retail space for your store, Griffith Real Estate Services can help.

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