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History of E.C. Griffith Co.

An Environmental Approach

Although conflict often exists between developers and environmentalists, the EC Griffith Companies and the members of the Griffith family consider themselves “concerned environmentalists.” Through implementing development practices that maintain clear air and water quality the EC Griffith Company works towards balances in development and conservation.

In conjunction with the development of Eastover Ridge Apartments, the company deeded thirty acres of the wooded wetlands on the edge of Eastover to the Catawba Lands Conservancy; the donated property was named “Eastover Ridge Preserve”. A stewardship fund has been established to maintain the property which has been described as one of the last remaining urban forests and an attractive wetlands habitat. It is not unusual to see deer and other wildlife roaming the green spaces
of The Preserve.

The company demonstrated its environmental awareness while developing the first phase Eastover Ridge Apartments. The apartments were oriented so that the balconies face a small creek that some believed to flow only when it rained. The city, however, wanted to “rip-rap” the entire creek, which would have eliminated a sandy streambed as well as the vegetation on the stream banks. Jim Griffith vigorously protested this policy because he had observed a variety of small fish in the pools of the slow-flowing system. We worked hard to convince the bureaucrats, including one who said there was no wildlife in the creek because it was polluted with sewage runoff, Jim explained.

* E.C. Griffith Company constructed small weirs to protect fish and wildlife at the Eastover Ridge Apartments. The project is typical of the firm’s concern for the environment.

Due to Jim’s insistence the creek now has small weirs or dams to increase the depth and volume of water for aquatic and wild life. This stream is now home to mallards, great blue herons, kingfishers, muskrats, catfish, large mouth bass, and stream banks full of ornamental plants and vegetation with insects to support the food chain for the life that thrives around the stream.

Civic Engagement

E.C. Griffith Company is also deeply involved in a variety of civic activities. Generations of Charlotte families played on the ball fields along Randolph Road, which were “loaned” to the Myers Park/Trinity Little League for forty-two years. These were believed to be the oldest continuous play little league fields in the nation.

Preston Griffith has worked extensively with the BRIDGE Job Program (Building Responsible Individuals through Discipline, Guidance and Education) started by Christ Episcopal Church. They reach out to “at-risk” young adults, most of whom are drop-outs, by providing mentors, educational services and training for many needing a second chance; Preston even served as chairman of the board.

The company is also a strong supporter of such organizations as Good Will Industries, Crisis Assistance, Habitat for Humanity, Bridge Jobs Program, American Cancer Society Research, Good Fellows, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Catawba Lands Conservancy, Katawba Valley Land Trust, Mecklenburg Ministries Family-to-Family, and many others. E.C Griffith, Sr. was a founding member of the Mint Museum of Art. He donated the museum’s 3 acre site on Randolph Road, around 1933.

A lot of luck is involved in the land speculation business, and the growth and success of Charlotte is due to the efforts of many fine people and companies which the E.C. Griffith Family Company will always appreciate. Having a solid family business structure in place and nearly 100 years of experience, the E.C. Griffith Company is poised to remain a successful family owned development firm that will serve the Charlotte Community for many years to come. Please let us know how we might serve you. We have a real estate Concierge ready to serve you today.

* E.C. Griffith, Sr. was a founding member of the Mint Museum of Art and donated the museum’s three-acre site on Randolph Road
in the 1930’s

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