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History of E.C. Griffith Co.

The E.C. Griffith Company,
Established 1912

* This 1930’s photo shows Hempstead Place in Eastover, looking toward
Fenton Place. Today the small oak saplings in the photo have grown to create a cathedral-like canopy
over the street.

In 1912 it was official; the E.C. Griffith Company was open for business; selling, brokering and developing real estate in the Charlotte area. Around 1922 Mr. George Stephens relocated to Asheville in order to operate the Asheville Citizen Newspaper and do some development in the Biltmore Forest Area. He turned over the development of Myers Park and the operation of the Stephens Company to the E.C. Griffith Company. This early vote of confidence by George Stephens helped The E.C. Griffith Co become experts in residential suburban development. The E.C. Griffith Company served as the marketing agent and developer of Myers Park until the Stephens Company was dissolved in the middle 1950’s. A 1921 platted site plan of Myers Park shows lots ranging from $500 to $4000. This particular blue print was a detailed color coded working map printed on linen and it rarely left Griff’s sight.

Among Griff’s early developments was the Eastover Subdivision off Providence Road, which remains one of Charlotte’s premier neighborhoods. Other residential & commercial developments of the 20’s 30’s and 40’s include parts of Elizabeth known as Rosemont, office and industrial building in the West Morehead Corridor, and the Historic Wesley Heights and Dowd Heights (now referred to as Bryant Park). These were likely risky endeavors at the time. For instance, the 2.5 acre site for the Westminster Presbyterian Church at Colville Road and Randolph Road was a land trade; the E.C. Griffith Company received 360 acres of farm land well north of Charlotte- in the boon docks at the time. That land, now known as Griffith Lakes, is a future mixed use residential community and transit oriented development on the North Corridor Transit Line, which will service Charlotte, Huntersville, Davidson and Cornelius. The name Griffith Lakes originated from the cartographers naming the geographical land marks after surveying the lakes and asking the locals about the lakes with them responding those are Griffith’s Lakes.

Another storybook deal was the trade of a single residential lot at the corner of Eastover Road and Colville Road in exchange for a 90 acre farm in the south part of the county. That tract near the Quail Hollow Country Club is in the Bellingrath neighborhood known as the
Preserve at Bellingrath.

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