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History of E.C. Griffith Co.

E.C. Griffith, Sr. Developer
and Risk Taker

E.C. Griffith Senior grew up in Oak Grove, Virginia which is a small town on the Arrapahonock River. He left home at a young age and found work in a neighboring town and later moved to Washington DC to work for an Uncle and attend night school at Georgetown University. After his undergraduate studies were completed E.C. Griffith, known as “Griff”, attended Georgetown University School of Law.

At some juncture of pursuing his jurist doctorate, he realized his heart was not in the legal profession. Since he was resolved not to return to “Twiford”, his homestead in Oak Grove, he looked southward to explore his entrepreneurial spirit. His sights were focused on 3 cities: Atlanta, Georgia, where it said that he had offers to work for Coca-Cola USA; Jacksonville, Florida; or the up and coming crossroads town of Charlotte, North Carolina. It may have been the prospects of the healthy growing economy, the abundance of opportunities or just a gut feeling that led Griff to choose the Queen City, because in 1910 he set out to make Charlotte his new home.

One of Griffith’s first careers in Charlotte was a little known bank called American Trust Company, the predecessor of Bank of America; where he held a position in real estate lending. After a year in American Trust’s real estate department he ventured out to start his own business. While working for the bank young E.C. befriended Mr. George Stephens, developer of the Myers Park neighborhood. Mr. Stephens had earlier formed American Trust and also served as the Chairman of the Board. With the powerful influence of George Stephens, it is not a surprise that E.C. Griffith tried his hand at building spec houses in Myers Park. This mentoring and friendship with Mr. Stephens likely explains why E.C. Griffith ultimately gravitated toward real estate as his lifelong career.

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