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“Back to School! Back to Work! uuuuggh!”

Does Labor Day really mark the end of our time to play? Summer doesn’t officially end till September 21st? We swim, we surf, we fish, we fly-fish, we travel, all to refresh ourselves and renew our energies to sell Charlotte small chunks at a time for market price with hopefully a good size commission. Don’t we wish!

Gas prices and the economy slowed everything down a notch or two, I hardly fished at fault. But while Summer carried on at its usual hot muggy pace these things I do know, the Charlotte Commercial Market stayed very active. I managed to ride 134 mega miles in the 24 Hours of Booty fundraiser for Cancer (my son did 200 miles), and did I say my back side has healed, thank you for asking. We even managed to close some significant deals with big kudos to you, Our Brokerage Community. Several of you went on line at to read my recent Blog “Recession Proof” and felt compelled to let me know that it had some compassionate meat on its bones.(Google my new phrase-word ‘invinca-bullish’ to be led straight to my “Fred Says” Blog). We appreciate your feedback and compliments. So what’s next?

So now that summer ’08 is officially overdone, cooked, what does this fall have in store for us the Real Estate Community. An early economic turn around. Gas prices reducing, mass transit, light rail, commuter rail, mixed use & higher densities closer to uptown businesses needing to scale back and move institutional entities growing and looking at their facilities planning horizons, all signaling When there is change there is opportunity which years ago was hammered into me by Dr. Hugh Nourse of UGA’s Real Estate Department (Go Dawgs!). All this is a fancy way to say I need to be 100% leased in all the real estate product types in our portfolio due to that realistic Goal that I set at the beginning of 2008: You will be the key to that Goal being attained and I thank you in advance for helping. Some of our Land Holdings are shaping up to be key Corporate sites to be reckoned with in the Bryant Park @ West Morehead area and the future transit oriented Griffith Lakes @ the W. T. Harris Station stay tuned for more. Please review the ‘Rest of Our Story’ in the pages to follow. We have sprinkled market news and various other ‘Eco’ successes that we have made in recent months.

Many thanks to Alan Blom with Capital Real Estate Group for bringing a buyer for 2426 West Morehead Street. They have announced a 40,000 square foot Class A building for this tract in Bryant Park. Many thanks to Michael England from CRESA Partners in Dallas, Texas for choosing Airport 85 Business Park for U.S. Remodelers (a Home Depot affiliated Vendor). Also congrats to Tripp Alexander of Coldwell Banker Commercial for winning our $250.00 Steak Dinner drawing that was in our Spring ’08 mailer. Let’s get this fall Filled-Up, with a chance to win a $250 fuel card.

Enter the drawing by showing one of our properties “For Lease” or “For Sale”. The more times you show our properties the better your odds to win. Hey don’t forget to surf our website and check out our Historic Photos, “Fred Says Blog” and the Land and Commercial Leasing Portfolio. It may spark a memory, a thought, or even a Big Deal.

Take Care and let’s do some Business before the year’s out.

Have a great week!

Preston “Fred” Griffith

Director of Marketing, Griffith Real Estate Service
Executive Vice President, E.C. Griffith Company

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