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The Griff Luxury Apartment set to Open May 2021 transforming Charlotte’s Bryant Park and FreeMoreWest Areas! Read More About The Griff and the 100 years of Family History behind it!


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“An Amazing View…For Sure”

Picture this…it’s 1968 and you’re taking your High School Sweetheart out to dinner to Swain’s Steakhouse for the Best Steak and better yet….the Best Darn View of Charlotte’s “then” budding Sky Line. The memories flood my office phone weekly from folks with those “I remember when” Stories about the unforgettable dinner date with THAT unprecedented View from atop of The Hill on West Morehead Street. Just across from WBTV’s station in Bryant Park and Historic Wesley Heights stands a mountain that triggers romance, fellowship, reunions, and thoughts of just plain ole good food with one heck-of-a vista. From the photo taken just as Winter was leaving and Spring was arriving you can see Charlotte standing tall… and we are not in Kansas anymore Toto… the Skyline is still there… but much grander… the View is till there… just waiting… waiting… still… waiting. Waiting for what might happen next?

The Economy to get strong again? ”By Golly it will and it Is!” Could it be for the right corporate Tenant that wants a Room With A View? Maybe an institutional tenant of sorts like an Acute Care hospital, where people heal just by seeing the Buzz of Uptown… Or a mixed use of mutli-family apartments (with roof top Deck for soirees) to watch the site of a Flyover of F-15’s for a Carolina Panthers game, Or Better yet office and retail… For now the View just waits… waits… waits for what? It is waiting for You to share with us your story and bring us whoever deserves to be atop of The Hill @ Morehead Ridge… the View awaits YOU!!!!!

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We would like to thank some folks for making Airport 85 Business Park buck the Trend of economic downturn. Our many thanks to Ian Bertolina at Bertolina Commercial Real Estate for bring Uster Technologies; Jennifer Ward of the Alliance Real Estate for representing Brooker Building Services; Rich Brulato & John Marco of Brumar Logistics for choosing Airport 85 as their World Headquarters; and Michael English with CRESA Partners is Dallas for bring Home Depot Remodelers.

We appreciate your allowing us to serve your Clients with a Hospitality that they won’t soon forget. Happy Spring Y’all!

Have a great week!

Preston “Fred” Griffith

Director of Marketing, Griffith Real Estate Service
Executive Vice President, E.C. Griffith Company

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